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Az, Tommy, Zane-Lest We Forget by Trutenxforever Az, Tommy, Zane-Lest We Forget by Trutenxforever
This is Zane with his younger twin Tommy(black suit) and his older brother Az(dark blue suit)
Just to say Zane is wearing a white suit
They are all wearing poppies on there suits because their dad died in a war and it's Nov, 11 so they are remembering him. (Even thought Zane and Tommy didn't really know their dad or even really remember him...^^;)
Suit colour ideas came for a friend of mine who goes by HappyGoten or Goten Son. :iconaoikatchibi13:
Zane and Tommy are Twins. Az is their older brother.

"Why is dad dead?" Az looked down at his two younger brothers. Their mom was at home taking care of their younger sister so Az had to take out his younger brothers out this year. "War is evil and it kills people..." Az said as he patted Tommy on the head. "Onii-chan...?" Zane asked. "What is it Zane?" Az asked. "Is dad a war hero or is he a war traitor?" Zane asked. As took in a deep breath and he sadly couldn't answer the question.

Zane looked back at Tommy. "You coming?" Zane asked. "Ya I am!!" Tommy said as he ran after Zane. Both boys laughed. "Hey where do ya think Az is Nii-san?" Tommy asked as he finely got to Zane's side. "I dunno know but he is usual out here unless he's doing some training!" Zane said with a smile. "YAY!!! YOU'RE SO SMART NII-SAN!!!" Tommy shouted as he hugged Zane. "Let go Tommy!! Too tight!!" Zane shouted. "Oh sorry..." Tommy said as he let go of Zane. Zane and Tommy spotted their house. "HEY!!! LOOK NII-SAN!!! THE DOOR'S WIDE OPEN!!!" Tommy shouted. "Ya I noticed that too, something's stay out here okay Tommy?" Zane said. Tommy slowly nodded as Zane ran into their house. Zane felt a sudden wave of fear and stopped. "Tommy?! TOMMY?!" Zane shouted as he turned around and started to run out. The front door was closed. "Tommy? Are you in here?" Zane asked. No one answered Zane. "Tommy this ain't funny!! Do you and Az set this up?!" Zane asked is a slightly annoyed and slightly worried tone. Again no one answered. Zane held back tears feeling that he had failed to protect his younger twin brother like he promised his mom he would do. "Mom? Az? Onii-chan?" Zane asked as tears started to stream down his face. Zane was half expecting Tommy to jump out any minute and say: 'Got ya!!' But that didn't happen. Zane walked around his house trying to figure out what happened. When he walked into the living room he wished so badly he didn't. The sight that greeted Zane made him wish that he had never walked home with Tommy for lunch. Zane saw his older brother's dead body lying on the ground. "ONII-CHAN!!!" Zane sobbed. Zane now felt worried for Tommy's safety. "TOMMY?!" Zane yelled out. Zane heard footsteps upstairs. The fear was ready to take hold of Zane's mind now. "AQUA-KUN?! TOMMY?!" Zane yelled out, worried only about his younger twin brother at the moment. The footsteps stopped upstairs. Zane knew that whoever was there had heard him. Zane felt his rage start to build up. The person walked down. There was a man with a boy on his back standing there. "DID YOU DO THIS TO MY FAMILY?!" Zane asked. The man slowly nodded his head and waited to see what Zane would do. "Did you hurt my brother Tommy?" Zane asked. "Who's Tommy? Is he the young one?" The man asked. "He's my age..." Zane said. The man shook his head. "My partner was the one who took your brother Tommy out..." The man said. The boy stirred. Zane felt more tears start to stream down. "You don't mean...that your partner killed him?" Zane asked as he quickly tried to dry his tears, he didn't want to seem weak in front of a person who wouldn't think twice of killing him. "I believe he almost died right away, your brother was such a weakling." The boy said as he awoken. "What do you mean by that?" Zane asked. The boy looked down at Zane. "Well he stopped moving quickly but he breathed in ragged breaths. "W-why did you hurt my family?" Zane asked, holding back more tears. "They were traitors and taritors must die before they make more traitors..." The man told Zane. Zane just let the tears flow down his face freely. "My family....traitors must die...why?" Zane asked in a small voice. The man walked away with the boy riding on his back. Zane was left to wonder why he was left alive well the rest of his family had died.
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